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Managed to reach level 11! 

Nice work, super impressive! I’m imagining how crazy your final moments must have looked! Thanks for playing!

This is an amazing game, I have beaten it 5 times. I love how the achievements are the upgrades!

Thank you! I'm so happy you enjoy the game, that means a lot to here!


this game is so high quality, everything is so well made,

stright up masterpiece.🙌


Thank you my friend, your comment made my day!


i don't know what i was expecting but this wasn't it

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animal abuse. 10/10- IGN

love artstyle and gameplay :D nice game

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I really like your game but how do i unlock the secret level?


Hi there, thanks for your comment! The Horde Mode level can be accessed by clicking "Start" then clicking the next arrow then clicking "Play". Horde mode is intentionally hard and might require some unlocking of upgrades to beat. Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks for playing!


I feel like I just read an ad


game lagy mouse sensitivity to high I can't do crap and my fps is too high 

Thanks for the feedback, sorry to hear the game was laggy. Were you playing the browser version? If so, try clearing your browser cache or download a Mac or PC version instead.

For mouse sensitivity, there's an option in the controls to adjust.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for posting! I have no idea why your comments keep getting suspended. Your walk-through video looks awesome.



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Kill them :)

i really wish this ran smoothly (it currently runs at a rate of 2.5 fps) on my computer because this looks like tons of fun, but its old, so once i get my new one i will definitely come back to this

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Yikes, that's no good. I built this game on a 10 year old HP EliteBook 8740w laptop, so I notice it chokes up in later levels as more enemies  spawn in at once. But I've never experienced 2.5fps. I also notice lower performance when playing directly in the browser. Definitely try downloading this to a faster machine, would be great to get your thoughts on the game. Thanks for the review!

***Updated Oct 27, 2020***

Recently I noticed that every WebGL game I was playing using Google Chrome was giving my really bad FPS, however, things ran smoothly in FireFox. I updated Google Chrome to the latest version and WebGL games run smoother now. Hope this helps.


Need more BOMBS!!!!


Yes! Thinking about adding a secret code for +100 bombs or something like that...

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That makes me so happy to hear, what an honor! I'm glad you enjoyed that game and was able to figure out how totally destructive the flamethrower can be!

honestly really fun! pretty hard though, my only complaint really is when your not in full screen if you trying to look around and your cusor gors outside the game, you have to drag it back in.  but thats probobly itchs fault


Hi Chaos315, thanks for the kind words and comment. Try clicking into the game again after pressing "Start" that should keep you cursor from going outside the embed window. But honestly, you'll get a better experience playing in full screen!

cool game! love the music too haha


Thank you! I spent a lot of time picking out the right music. Thanks to Kevin MacLeod and Nat Keefe with The Bow Ties for their talents in music making.

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I like it please make more games

Thank you! Awesome gameplay. I'm planning on adding some extras, like high score, achievements, two more locations along with some new enemy surprises. More to come!

Really enjoyed this game and it is in my Top 5 of this week!

Check my video. Subscribe my Youtube Channel if you like! 


Thanks for choosing my game for your Top 5 this week! I also subscribed to your channel as peter11508.

You're welcome! Thanks!


takes long to load

Sorry to hear that. I purposely added a 5 second "loading" screen to give the player enough time to read the random tip at the bottom of the screen and also to act as a transition into playing the game. Hopefully the tips are worth the wait. To your point, maybe I should add a "skip" button?

Very good game, fun and cute

Thank you!

This Game is so fun its very endless amounts of fun

Thanks for commenting, makes me really happy to hear you're enjoying the game!

I have to shoot those wicked guys

Level 9, I'm impressed! Thanks for sharing your awesome gameplay!

Awesome!!! I absolutely loved it!!

Thank you for the kind comment, makes all that hard work worth it!


Hello, Studio 11508, played your game! Thought it was very fun and enjoyable. So I made a video. How you will enjoy!

Thanks for taking the time to make a gameplay video of MGG! I love your video, your commentary is hilarious! I checked out your YouTube channel and subscribed as peter11508. Great stuff there!


Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

great gameplay I used a lot of the bomb power-ups. I like explosion in game!

Thank you :) , yeah i love explosions too lol

So fun watching you guys go nuts on the power-ups! If I can think of new ones, I'll add them. More to come!

Thank you :D , and yeah power ups was really fun good idea putting them in this kind of games .

Awesome game play video! It's so cool to watch you play the game and how you used the power-ups! Really made my day to watch. Like AverageWill, your commentary was making lol. I also subscribed to your channel as peter11508. Thanks again for making my day!!

Thank you so much i really appreciate it :D , and yeah power ups was really fun good idea putting them in this kind of games .

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so funny

Loved watching your play-through, I'm super honored that you took the time to make this vid. It really helps me a lot to see how people play the game and if they understand what to do. You did an outstanding job making use of the power-ups to defend your garden! Thanks again!

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i wanth this game for console ps4 :P

Deleted 2 years ago

Hopefully someday like when PS6 comes out, lol

Deleted 2 years ago

That's really nice of you to say. I would like to develop this game further to make it console-worthy, like adding more locations, weapons, and enemy types. I would also like to include a story mode as well, so lots more fun to come!