I wasn't planning on making this game

Aug 13, 2020 - Four months ago, I was browsing the Youtube Audio Library when I discovered a song titled, "If I had a chicken" by Kevin MacLeod. I immediately opened Unity and started putting together a simple scene where a forward-facing camera follows a sheep hopping along in a wide open field.  I had some low poly trees that I made some months back for a potential asset store submission, but that was it. I modeled  and crudely animated a bouncing sheep, attached a camera and added the inspirational music. The end result (video above) was charming enough to inspire me to take it to the next level. I knew I had to turn this into a game somehow. Four months later, I'm happy to say that Machine Gun Gardener was created and is now in open play testing phase.

I wasn't planning on making this game, it just kinds happened because I liked a song.

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